Introduction: Beaded Fringe Earrings

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I'm always looking for ways to make a simple outfit more interesting, and these earrings are one of my favorites. Despite the tiny beads that may look daunting, they are actually quite simple and fun to make, and they are easily customizable to any pattern/length you like!


  • Seed Beads
  • Thread (I just use regular sewing thread)
  • A Beading Needle (this is not pictured above, but it is in the next few steps!)
  • 2 Earring Hooks
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

Step 1: Sketch Out Your Design

You don't have to do this, but I find that sketching out an idea beforehand makes the beading process easier. As you can see, my sketch isn't super precise, but it provides a guide for what to do.

Once you learn to basic steps of weaving beads (in the next few steps!), you will be able to create any kind of pattern, so you don't have to stick to mine. You could also just make them a solid color too!

Step 2: Start Your First Row

Begin by cutting about 2 or 3 feet of thread and putting the needle on. Next, thread 4 beads on. These will be the start of the bottom row of your triangle.

Take the needle through the bottom of the first two beads (the hole on the opposite side of where the thread with the needle is coming out).

Leave a couple of inches of thread as a tail on the side opposite of the needle.

Step 3: Weave Through the Next Two Beads

Take the needle down through the second pair of beads, so the thread is coming out of the bottom of the second pair.

Step 4: Weave on Two More Beads

Thread on two more beads, and then take the thread down into the top of the previous two beads (much like in step 2). Then, take the thread (which should be coming out of the bottom of the second pair of beads, and thread it up through the newest pair of beads.

At first, it may look wobbly, and that is okay! It takes time to figure out the perfect tension when you first start weaving. Just remember to pull your thread tight after weaving on more beads.

Step 5: Continue This Process Until You've Reached Your Desired Width

This is the base of your triangle, so this is the widest the earrings will get. I chose to make mine 17 beads across.
Also, as you can see I changed colors multiple times to start my pattern.

Step 6: Start a New Row

Once you've reached the end of the first row, you're going to want to begin the next row by threading on two beads.

Take the thread underneath the loop in between the last two beads on the first row. The two beads you just put on the thread will kind of sit on top of the bottom row now. Now, take the thread up through the two new beads.

Now you can add two more beads and repeat this exact process, starting by going under the next loop.

Step 7: Continue Weaving Up the Triangle

Repeat all of the previous steps to build up your triangle, changing the bead color to make whatever type of pattern you choose.

Step 8: Create a Loop for the Earring Hook

Once you have reached the row that is only two beads across, thread on six beads. Take the needle down into the opposite bead, and weave the thread all the way down the side of the triangle by going through beads. You want to end up with the thread coming out of the bead on the edge of the bottom row.

Step 9: Add the Fringe!

For this part, thread on as many beads as you want the shortest strands to be. For me, this strand was 24 beads long.

Once all of the beads are threaded on, separate the last bead from the rest, and take the thread back up through the rest of the beads. Pull tight, and then bring the thread through the bead above this strand, which is part of the bottom row of the triangle.

Step 10: Continue Adding Fringe

Bring the thread down through the next bead on the row, and repeat the previous step. This time, you're going to want to make your strand one or two beads longer.

For mine, I alternated increasing the strand length by one and two beads each time until I got to the 9th strand, which was the longest (34 beads long).

You do not have to be mathematical about it, especially because some beads are longer or shorter than others. Just make sure each strand is a little bit longer than the previous one until you get to the 9th strand (or whatever is the middle for you, depending on how wide yours is), and then decrease consistently for the rest.

Once you finish the final strand, you can tie your thread to the tail you left in the beginning, or you can just weave it deeply into the triangle and trim it.

Step 11: Repeat This Entire Process to Make a Second One!

Now it's time to do it all over again! Don't forget you can vary the pattern and make this one different than the first.

Step 12: Add the Earring Hooks

Using your pliers (or your fingers if you're really strong), create a gap in the earring hook. Then slide it onto the beaded loop of the earrings, and use the pliers to close the gap. Make sure you close it really well because the thin thread can easily slide off if there is still any gap.

Step 13: Enjoy!

Now you have a pair of fun original earrings!

I hope you enjoyed making this project!

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