Introduction: Beaded Hair Vine

Hello! This is a quick tutorial on how to create a beaded hair vine. This tutorial will focus on how to make each "spray" or section of beaded vine. You can attach these sprays to hair combs (as pictured), bobby pins, hair clips, or keep them separate and pin them into the hair as desired! Let's get started.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

For this craft, you will need a thin guage wire (I've used 28 guage), pliers, and beads. Optional items are a measuring tape for consistency, a hair comb or hair clip accessory, and a bead dish.

Step 2: Prep Your Beads and Wire.

Cut a piece of wire that is at least 15" in length. A 15" piece will create a 2" spray of roughly 14 small beads. Of course this will depend on the thickness of your wire, the size of your beads, and the length of your twists. I'll explain more on that a bit later. For now, a longer wire will give you more room to play.

Now select your beads! I like to have a mix of different tones, textures, and sizes. The variety creates depth in the design. I am making two matching sprays so I've counted a desired number of beads of each kind and set them aside.

Step 3: Add Your Beads!

The fiirst one is done to show you what it looks like. It's pretty simple! Thread your bead onto the wire and twist. I like to start with the smaller beads on the end of the spray and add the larger beads later for body and fullness.

Step 4: Crimp the Wire

Once you slide the bead onto the wire, hold the bead between your fingers and push the wires to either side. This will secure the bead in place getting ready for the twist.

Step 5: Twist!

Holding the bead in one hand and the two wires in the other hand, rotate the bead until the two wires twist around themselves. This braid will add strength to the stem. The length of this twist and the placement of the bead will determine if the spray will be dense with beading or more airy with beading further apart. I've included an image of these two styles so you can decide what you'd like to create. Play around until you get the look you like!

Step 6: Keep Adding Beads.

Now, just go for it! It's your design, be creative. I suggest adding maybe three or four bead stems before finishing this section. Once you are happy with the first grouping, twist the two base wires about 1/2" before starting the next group of beads.

Step 7: Decide on the Size.

Decide on how long you'd like your spray to be. If you are satisfied with the length, you can end it with a final bead, cutting the excess wire and twisting the loose end of the wire back on itself to close it off.

Step 8: Run Out of Wire? Make It Longer!

I decided I wanted mine a big longer so I made two at this length and twisted them together. Separate the two wires on each so you can slide one half into the other. Note that one of my sprays ends in a bead and one does not. This will make it easier to attach the two together and prevent gaps in the beading.

Step 9: Twist Together

Twist the wired together and add extra beads to fill the space as needed.

Step 10: Finish Your Spray!

To finish your spray, cut the excess wire with about 1/4" length on the end. Use your pliers to twist the end wire back on itself to close it off.

Step 11: Decide on Fastening

You can attach these sprays to a metal hair comb by wrapping another piece of wire over the spray and between the teeth of the comb, or you can simply secure them in your hair using bobby pins. The options are endless!

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