Introduction: Beaded Heart Pendant

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I got my inspiration for this project on Pinterest. This is the pin that I'm talking about. This was the first time using these techniques: tracing an image with wire and adding beads to a wire base shape. I'm really glad with how my pendant turned out and I think the colour combination looks great! I really hope you like it too :)

Step 1: Materials

To make a beaded heart pendant, you will need the following:

  • Wire (this will be used for the basic heart shape
  • coloured wire matching your beads
  • beads
  • pliers
  • a necklace to put it on (or a closure and a lace)
  • jump rings

Step 2: The Wire Shape

Start by drawing your heart shape. After doing that, just try to follow the lines you drew to create the heart. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, as long as it is recognizable as a heart.

Step 3: Closing the Heart

To stop the two swirly parts of the hearts from moving, take a piece of wire and coil it around the joining point.

Step 4: Adding Beads

Start by coiling a piece of coloured wire around the outside of the heart. Add your beads and move the wire until it is positioned somewhere you like it. To end this part, coil the end of the wire around the part of the wire heart where the beads end and cut it off.

Step 5: More Beads

The second and the third row of beads were added the same way as the first row. For the fourth row, add some extra beads and make the wire go back to the outside of the heart, instead of straight to the inside. The last part was also done differently: Coil a bit of the wire around the outside of the heart and add a bead. Immediately after that bead, coil the wire two times around the outside of the heart. Repeat this for a total of about four beads, or until your heart is filled.

Step 6: Loops an the Necklace Part

Before being able to wear this pendant, you should add some jump rings. I always use two, I just don't trust one jump ring enough I guess :)

To make the necklace, I added the closure and used a small lace crimp to close the lace.

Step 7: Done

And then you are done!

I hope you liked this project and found it useful, if you did I would love to know!

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