Introduction: Bearded Dragon Vivarium

About: I love my baby boy Rango! He is a bearded dragon and he is my world!!!

This is a really quick tutorial on making a cool environment for your bearded dragon. This is my baby boy, Rango.

Step 1: Vivarium

You will need a 3~5 foot vivarium and a heat lamp and UVB bulbs. You will also need a suitable substrate. Here I am using sand but you could use tiles, paper towel, woodchip.

Step 2: Cool Side

~ A water bowl

~ A food bowl

Put these into the cool side so that the water won't get too hot and that the food won't mould/shrivel too soon. Remember to give your beardie fresh food and water every day.

Step 3: Hot Side

~ A heat lamp

~ A basking rock. This will warm up instead of using an electrical heat rock as these can burn your lizards tummy.

Step 4: Decor

Add special reptile logs, fake plants and rocks for him/her to hide under and climb on. It also adds to the effect and makes the vivarium more of a feature.

Step 5: Add Your Lizrad

Add your lizard to your vivarium.

Watch them discover and explore their new environment.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and please send in your lizards vivarium setup!