Introduction: Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Design for Henna Lovers

Arabic mehndi design is an all time favourite for women who like mehndi but cannot wait for too long for the application and drying. The design not only is easy and quick but very stylish and seems like a tattoo than traditional mehndi design. The Arabic mehndi design originates from the Middle East and this design mainly consists of floral patterns and abstract shading and filling. There are no human or animal figures in this kind of design. Also it is not as intricate as Indian mehndi design and the thickness of lines is much more. This in turn gives a deep red colour on drying. One can see a lot of women at weddings opting for this pattern as its simple, elegant and deep in colour.

The design: This video shows how one can create an Arabic mehndi design in less than 5 minutes. Generally the Arabic designs cover the index figure, but this unique design covers the middle finger making the whole design look like a hand jewellery item. Follow the steps and get an Indian tattoo on your hand in minutes!

Tips: There are no specific tips for Arabic mehndi design apart from the regular ones for mehndi application but a small suggestion would be that try and keep the hand stiff till the design dries up as the lines are thicker and on leaving the hand loose, the designs can get mixed amongst one another giving a bad finished look.