Introduction: Beautiful Corner With Glass Jar and Leaves

I always wonder why people say things change after marriage. Why two people which were madly in Love with each other before marriage are barely surviving. One reason I could guess is that they stop putting efforts for each other. They no more like to go that one extra mile which they happily used to before marriage.

So I bring to you an easy DIY stuff which you will not only enjoy making it but will cherish it for long. Decorate one corner of your house, your Me corner which will lit up in the night and in the morning it will remind you the time you spent together in decorating that corner.

I have tried to be bare minimalistic here. As I believe the more stuff you need to bring from outside, it becomes less likely to actually make that item. I am using used glass jars which we all have in the house.

So go ahead and try this out. Don't worry if you don't have everything as mentioned. It will still turn out beautiful.


The Jars which we usually throw after use. Like jam jars, sauce jars.

We would be needing 4 Jars of different shapes and sizes. Try to have two Jars of big size and two jars of small sizes.

Jar 1: Heart shaped Jar


1. Medium Height Jar

2. A4 Size paper or any white paper.

3. Decorative bracelet

4. Red Acrylic Color

5. Adhesive

6. Small Candles

Jar 2: Newspaper


1. Medium Height Jar

2. Newspaper cutting (big enough to cover the jar)

3. Tying brown rope

4. Adhesive

5. Small candles

Jar 3: This is a decorative aswell earning hanging piece


1. Big glass Jar

2. Net sleeved used shirt

3. Tying Rope

4. Tying rope

5. Red Coloured Leaves or red coloured sheets

6. Earnings

7. Small candles

Jar 4: Bring Ocean in the House


1. Big Class Jar

2. Red Coloured Leaves or red coloured sheets

3. Rope which is half the size of the Jar.

4. Green shrub

5. Small Pebbles and shells

6. Red Acrylic Color

Tip: For Making Hearts use shrub. As they have good beautiful color and different texture. One such shrub I have used is Cotinus which is a really attractive shrub which has got red colored leaves. Try not to pluck them instead use the ones lying on the grass.

Step 1: Clean the Glass

Clean the 4 Used Jars of different sizes with water and allow them to dry.

Alternatively you can use cloth to wipe the water and later on hair dryer to dry them instantly

Tip: You can use Acetone to clean the glass. Remove the excess glue using that.

Step 2: Jar 1: Heart Shaped Jar

Step 1: Take A4 size paper and cut heart shapes out of it. cut in different shapes and sizes.

They should be enough to cover the jar.

Step 2: Stick those hearts on to the Jar with adhesive. I have used PVC glue but you can use any glue. But it should be transparent after drying up.

Step3: Paint the Jar with Red Color Acyclic and let it dry.

Step4: Decorate the upper part of the Jar with some bracelet.

Step5: Add candles in the Jar. ( I have added two candles as my base was large)

Tip: Use Acetone to remove the stains of the adhesive

Step 3: Jar 3: Net Fabric Jar and Earning Stand

The worn out T-shirts can be used to decorate the glass jar.

Step 1:Cut the net fabric from the used T-shirt. Usually you find that fabric in the sleeves of the top.

Step 2: Sew it if its too big for the Jar.

Step 3: Cut hearts from the red leaves.

Step 4: Sew the heats to decorate the upper part of the Jar.

Step 5:Tie the brown rope in the middle of the Jar.

Step 6: Hang Earnings on the rope.

Step 7: Add candles inside the Jar

Step 4: Jar 4: Heart in the Ocean

Step 1: Take a jar and add peddles in it. Do not add too may pebbles.

Step 2: Add shells on top of Pebbles

Step 3: Add blue acryclic color in the bowl of water and pour it in the Jar. It should be just enough to cover the pebbles.

Step 4: Add a blue color herb inside the jar touching the inside boundary. The idea is to give a jar an ocean look.

Step 5: Cut a heart from the leaf and stick it to the brown color rope.

Step 6 : Stick it to the lid of the Jar using glue gun and make sure while its hanging in the Jar it shouldn't touch the pebbles.

Step 7: Lit a candle behind the Jar.

Step 5: Jar 2 : NewsPaper Heart Shaped Jar

After reading the newspaper we throw it. Now I have a better way to use it.

Step 1: fold the newspaper sheet and wrap it around the Jar. Cut the sheet.

Step 2: Now stick the sheet with the glue.

Step 3: Once that has dried up. Fold the sheet in the half and cut the first half of the heart.

Step 4: Now open it up and stick it to the Jar. Press it hard to remove any crease.

Step 5: Take the cardboard and cut a heart shape

Step 6: Take a leaf and cut it in the heart shape and it should be smaller than the cardboard heart. Stick it to the cardboard heart.

Step 7: Take a thread and tie it to the top of the Jar and stick the heart to that thread. Make sure that cardboard heart should be just besides the newspaper heart.

Step 6: Hanging Decoration Using Leaves

Just cut leave in heart shape and sew it using thread.

Hang it just above your Jars to make your corner beautiful.

Place candles in heart shape to add more light to the corner.

You can also lit scented candles to have a great vibe.

Hope you Enjoyed the Tutorial!!

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