Introduction: ToothPick Stylus

' Necessity is the mother of invention'.

My inclination towards painting led me to make my own stylus. I like to paint but sometimes you neither have paper nor pen to draw. Like while travelling or in office. There are painting apps available on mobile phone but to make a good painting you need stylus.

So I thought instead of buying it lets make it on my own.

Step 1: Materials

1. Toothpicks(Quantity-3)

2. Cotton

3. Glue/ Glue Gun

4. Spring Pen

The most important of all is Smile on your Face..:)

Step 2: Lower Body of the Stylus

One we have all the material ready, the foremost step is to make the handle of the Stylus.

Take 3 toothpicks and attach them together with the glue.

Hold them together for a while and leave them to dry for 15-20 mins.

Step 3: Conductor of the Stylus

Since aluminum conducts electricity it works well with Capacitive Screens.

To make the upper body of the Stylus we would be needing any material made up of aluminum.

Springs are made up of aluminium and are easily available in Ball Pens. So take out the Spring from the BallPen and try to fix it into the glued toothpicks.

I used cutter to reduce the width of the glued-sticks so that the spring can fit in. Pull the spring till you don't see the sharp edges of toothpicks coming out of the spring.

* If ballpen is not available, aluminum foil can also be used.

Step 4: Tip of the Stylus

Take the cotton bud and wrap it around the spring. Adjust the width of the cotton such that it can easily move on the trackpad of the phone.

Step 5: Decorate the Stylus

Take any acyclic color of your choice and paint the lower body of the stylus.

Leave it to dry for a while.

Step 6: Wet the The Tip of the Stylus

Capacitive touchscreens view excess moisture, or a drop of water, the same way it does a finger touch. Causing the screen to register a "touch" wherever moisture is present.

So we will use this knowledge to make our homemade stylus work.

Damp the tip of the stylus with cotton. The best way is to simply wet your hands and touch the tip.

Now try it on the screen of the Mobile. You can easily draw on the screen and even you can type messages without using fingertips.

**The stylus will not work if gets dried up. So if it stops working that means it needs to get wet. **

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