Introduction: Beautiful Photography Prop on a Budget : Pickle Jar Lamp

You can use this glass lamp on your night stand to meditate/relax before bed or as a prop from photo shot.
Theses LED on a string comes in various colors or quality. I have some from the dollar store and from Michael's. The difference is with fancy ones, you might get an additional options : On , timer (1 hour) and off. For dollar store, look at the seasonal like Halloween, Christmas or Valentine and maybe it can be found in the garden section too.

I use the combo of red lights and a red rose but you can do any combo of decoration inside and color of string you want.


  • LED String, battery powered.
  • Glass food container. I used a pickle jar. I prefered this over a Masson Jar as the glass isn't embossed by embellishments
  • A fake flower
  • Some tools of your choice to make a hole in the lid (Punch, dremel, nail & hammer, screwdriver)
  • Paint for the lid. I used a Posca.
  • (optional) Cutter to make work around the flower's sterm
  • (optional) Adhesive remover like GooGone remove the adhesive paper from your jar

Step 1: Make a Hole Big Enough to Pass the String of LED

Step 2: Paint the Lid

Step 3: Pass the String of LED Through the Hole, Leaving the Batteries Out.

Step 4: Try to Toss the String in a Pretty Way. Make Sure to Have Your LEDs Turned on at This Step.

Step 5: Make Sure You Are Satisfied With the Result by Turning on and Off the Lights of the Room.

Step 6: This Step Is Only If Used As a Photography Props

Make some lighting tests by having a room / photo studio completely dark or with other small lights in a distance.
Play around with closeness of the jar to the subject or have more than one jar!

Thanks to everyone who looked at this Instructable.

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