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As seasonal comes, often gifts are at a look out corner. This time I decided with recycled paper and playing form and it gives me these various outcomes to explore with. Thus, a gift bouquet is evolving.


Papers A4, legal sizes - new or used

White tacky glue


Your imaginations

Step 1: Preparation of Materials

Get the materials ready to start making.

1. Papers A4 or legal size, It can be a fresh new sheet or even used. As you can observed I am using the used materials. 2. White glue , Tacky is often use in the United States but it might be in other brand for respective countries. 3. Any Scissors to your preference. I am using the old traditional kind.

Step 2: Steps in the Making- Paper Rolling

As you can observed here I use a piece of used A4 paper and a small glue gun size stick in picture 1. Place the glue stick and starts with the edge or corner of the paper and press to begin rolling with the stick (picture 2). As you roll you can see the glue sticks out at one corner on picture 3, you may pull it out a bit until you roll up the whole paper. Glue at the last corner to finish. You may now have a stick of paper roll. Roll until you have plenty of the paper rolls.

Step 3: Getting Ready to Shape

From previous step 2. You should have collected many rolls of papers by now. Flattened it like you observed from the picture here. Next, rolled into balls like you may see in the picture here as well and those are the pieces you need to assemble to your desirable piece of art. Enjoy your journey to your own imaginations.

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