Introduction: Beautifully Easy Photoshop Thumbnail

Hello Everybody Today i will be showing you how we can create a beautiful and simple thumbnail for a video or article.



Step 1: Thumbnail Size

Firstly we make a new photoshop image and change all your settings to the ones above

Step 2: Finding the Perfect BackGround

Next we can either go onto Google or take our own image for our background. Make sure its good quality and is approximately the same size as your Photoshop document otherwise it will either be too small or too large!

Step 3: Copying Into Photo PhotoShop

Go onto your image and right click, press copy image then open Photoshop and hold CTRL and Tap P.

Step 4: Adding a Logo

Next we get our business or organisation's logo and copy it in as we did with the background. We then need to rescale it and move it to the perfect place

Step 5: Main Concept

Next we find our ideal font on Photoshop or go to and download them. We then type a snappy and appealing title which explains the video/ article well.

Step 6: Theme

Finally in one of the corners we give our thumbnail a small subtitle which corresponds with the video or article's theme, this will give the viewer a clear idea of what it will be like.

Step 7: Finished Result

And there we go ! A simple and beautiful thumbnail for your video or article. Make sure to vote for us and check out Survival Squad Thank you for Viewing

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