Introduction: Simple and Eye-catching Business Card

Welcome to my tutorial on making a simple but eye-catching business card, it can be for any business or organisation.

All you will need is adobe Photoshop, if you don't want to buy it you can download the trial for 30 days instead.



Step 1: Presets

Firstly we use the details above in a new photoshop document. this is the standard business card size but if you want it any other size just change it but i recommend the size i am using

Step 2: Background

Next we add a background. we need to use quite a neutral colour for example black or white so we can contrast other colours onto it. in this case i am going to use a dark grey.

Step 3: Flowing Shape

We now want to add a flowing shape to give our card a unique look,This shape is the perfect one as it fits well with an aspect later in the design so i strongly recommend using it.

Step 4: Title

After adding our shape we want to add our name or title so as you can see i have added SurvivalSquad in a strong blue as it contrasts the grey well. You want to make it nice, big and bold with a crisp font for an eye catching effect.

Step 5: Extra Information

Next we want to add our catchy tag line underneath the title. We also need to place some information in a smaller font in the bottom right corner so people can contact you.

Step 6: Logo

The next step is essential, you need to add your logo into a corner, in mine it is perfectly placed in a larger part of the green shape, the logo will let people know your company at a glance.

Step 7: Under-Text

After that we take a part of our title, enlarge it and change the colour to one slightly darker than the background. the layer then goes second to last on the layer list then rotate it to go underneath the title.

Step 8: Finalising

Finally we can add a piece of clip-art to draw the eye towards your card.

Step 9: Finished!

And there we go a nice simple business card which draws the eye and explains your business.

Thank you for viewing my design!

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