Introduction: Bed-side Cupholder

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Well, well, well. Whaddaya know? Ya got a bottle of water that ya want to keep in your bedroom but have no place to put it because you don't have a side table, only a table for your clock and lamp and ya can't put it on the floor because the bed is too high up off the ground for your hand to reach the floor. The table is not big enough for a water bottle. Ya got a problem. Well, problem solved with...…the bed-side cupholder! Easy access and not too hard to build! This is now a part of your bed!

Step 1: Pieces List

Ladies and gentlemen, parts list. Not too many pieces too! The arrow is NOT included, just for fun!

Red- 6
Yellow- 16
Blue- 12
White- 4
Green- 8

Total rods- 46

Grey 3D- 16
Purple- 4
White- 5
Green- 4

Total connectors- 29

Total pieces: 75

Step 2: Cup Holder

This holds the cup......

Step 3: Bed Inserters

These rods will go in-between the mattress and......I believe its called the frame? Not 100% sure. Correct me if I'm wrong. More details next on how to attach the thing to the bed.

Step 4: How to Attach

Simple....just insert the rods into the bed where it is easy access. For example, I'm using the left side of my bed, close to the bed head as shown in the pics above.

Step 5: Finished!

Congratulations! You have completed this task! Its all that simple, probably the most simplest thing on my page. Don't forget to leave a comment and sub pls! Till the nxt Instructable! Piece!