Introduction: Bedroom Lamp From Old Toys

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What ?

Bedroom lamp which is not only creative and has original look but it is also eco and personalized - it's made from old, broken toys.

Why ?

I don't like to just throw away things. I always try to recycle them into something new, so this is the main reason.
I also like doing something creative, so this is the second reason.
The last cause is that lamp created from toys is very attractive for children and this is most important because the whole lamp is for kids bedroom.

If You wonder how such lamp could look - skip to the last step or see the video attached to this instruction.

What will be needed ?

- Scrap of wood for the bottom

- Not very big pipe (pcv or any kind)

- wire with plug

- bulb holder

- old toys (even broken)

- glue gun

- drill

- spray paint (I recommend gold one)

Step 1: Making the Lamp Frame

Lamp is maid from two main parts: the bottom and the pipe.
The bottom can be made from plywood, scrap of wood, even from plastic. Whatever You have at home and is strong enough to hold the whole lamp.

The pipe is the thing in which the wires will come. It could be ordinary pcv pipe as used in water or heating systems. Easy to buy at any market. I didn't have such thing, so I've used the piece of branch which I've drilled with the drill. Anyway, I recommend the first option - to use the pcv pipe. It won't be visible at the end.

In this step You have to drill the hole in the middle of the bottom and then glue the pipe to the bottom with glue gun.

Step 2: Wiring and Bulb Holder

Now, when the lamp frame is ready, You have to glue the bulb holder to the top of the pipe. Don't save the glue-it have to be well connected.
When the glue will cool, get the wire and put it through the hole in the bottom and through the pipe.Connect wire to the bulb holder - it is easy just two wires into two pin holes.

Step 3: The Creation of the Decoration

Now comes the fun part.

Take all small toys prepared for the project and glue them to the bottom and to the pipe. Use Your imagination. If You have for example enough toy soldiers they can fight each other. Be creative.

One thing to remember. It is good to place the bigger toys in the bottom, then the whole construction will be stronger.

Glue the toys not only to the lamp frame but also one to each other.

When You finish gluing take the spray paint and use it on the project.

Step 4: Final Touch

When You have Your lamp ready You can buy one of those decorative retro bulbs and place it in Your lamp.

You can also make You lamp more traditional and put a lampshade on it - this is the better option (in my opinion).

That's all :)

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