Introduction: Beebeecraft Black and White Glass Crystal Bead Weaving Earring Patterns

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Summary: How to make elegant weave earrings by a few inexpensive jewelry craft supplies; use economic crystal glass beads to help bring a strong sense of charm and glitter to the stunning pair of earrings, very light and sparkles nicely!

Step 1: Craft Supplies for Jewelry Making the Beaded Dangle Earrings:

PandaHall Elite 4mm Bicone Crystal Glass Beads

12/0 round 2x1.5mm seed beads

PandaHall Elite Jewelry Basics Class Kit

0.2mm clear Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire
Benecreat Jewelry making tools Iron Long Nose Pliers

Step 2: Make Basic Black and White Crystal earrings

1st, Slide five black 4mm bicone bead onto the eyepin, and make a loop at the other end;

2nd, Slide five white 4mm bicone bead onto the eyepin, and make a loop at the other end;

3rd, thread the four beads links to an eyepin, make a loop at the other end.

Step 3: Finish Beaded dangle earrings tutorial

1st, thread an eyepin to the bead links loop as the picture shows;

2nd, connect an earring hook to the basic beaded dangle, now you have finished making one black and white crystal earring,

3rd, continue to make the other beaded dangle earring;

Step 4: Done!

The black and white beaded crystal earring has been finished. Have you got the method? with the help of these beaded dangle earrings patterns and the affordable crystalized glass beads, you can make as many versions as you can.