Introduction: Beebeecraft Ideas on How to Make Personalize Felt Flower Dangle Earrings

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Would you like to make one pair of personalize earrings and the 2 are not exactly the same. This Beebeecraft craft idea is to show you how to make a pair of not the completely same dangling earrings with bright blue felt and pink gemstone beads.

Asymmetric earrings always look special and always in high fashion, you also think so? I am fond of felt earrings and it may be better to DIY. These personalize felt flower dangle earrings are super easy to make just as it looks, and you can make them at home with a few materials from Beebeecraft.

Step 1: The Necessities for This Felt Flower Dangle Earrings:

Square DIY Crafts Non Woven Polyester Embroidery Needle Felt

21x11x10mm Gemstone Pendants with Brass Clasps

2mm Round White Glass Seed Beads

35mm Iron Hoop Earrings

Iron Cross Chains Cable Chains

4~10mm Iron Jump Rings

Mix Brass Headpins

8mm green pearl beads

Step 2: Cut Felt Flowers

1st, draw a heart on the square felt and cut out the piece of the blue felt, do eight more and cut them from the felt, cut a piece of round cyan felt;

2nd, sew six pieces together along the edge as the picture as the bottom;

3rd, lay other three felt pieces and sew them together above on the pattern before.

Step 3: Finish the Felt Dangle Earrings

1st, sew a 2mm seed bead in the center of the royal flower felt pattern, and add 6 more seed beads around the seed bead;

2nd, cross a length of chain through the back of the felt pattern;

3rd, use jump rings through the half of the chains to connect the chains with the hoop.

Step 4: Finish Another Pink Gemstone Dangle Earrings

1st, Add a pin through the pearl and prepare a green pearl beaded dangle;

2nd, use a jump ring to cross through the half of the chain;

3rd, connect the 3 parts to the hoop as the dangle.

Step 5: Complete the Chain Tassel Dangle Earring

Step 6: The Final Dangle Earrings Are Look Like This:

Felt paper are really amazing in crafts and jewelry making, right? Only three steps, a pair of personalize felt flower earrings are born! Hope this felt flower dangle earrings would bring you other inspiration. DIY with our Beebeecraft tutorials won’t disappoint you.