Introduction: Beebeecraft Ideas on Making Wire Wrapped Heart Bracelet With Glass Beads

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Summary: Wanna make easy wire wrapped jewelry? Today I am going to show you a Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make a simple but elegant wire wrapped heart bracelet with crystal beads.

Making wire wrapped personalized bracelet is easy both in jewelry craft supplies needed and techniques required. You can opt for beads in all sorts of types, The details on below contains everything you need to learn how to make a wire wrapped heart bracelet. Enjoy yourself!

Step 1: Supplies Needed in the Wire Wrapping Bracelet Tutorial:

0.8mm Mixed Color Aluminum Wire

6mm Electroplate Faceted crystal glass Beads

PandaHall Elite Golden Jewelry Finding Kits

Jewelry making tools Long Nose Pliers

Side-Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Make Basic Dangles

1st, slide 1 bead onto the eyepin, make a loop with round nose plier, then cut off the extra wire;

2nd, pcut a proper length of aluminum wire and fold it in half, then wrap it into a heart shape;

3rd, make a loop at the end and cut off the extra wire, make more heart patterns like that;

4th, connect the heart pattern with 2 faceted bead pattern like the picture shows.

Step 3: Connect and Finish the Bracelet

1st, continue to connect the wire wrapped heart to the proper length u want;

2nd, cut a proper length of golden chain, connect one end of the golden chain to the the heart pattern and another end to the red bead pattern with jump ring, add a golden clasp to the middle of the chain;

3rd, do as the last step to connect another length of the golden chain, add a red bead pattern in the middle of the chain.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of the Easy Aluminum Wire Wrapped Heart Bracelet:

Tada! We have finished this wire wrapped bracelet with red crystal glass beads! Simple but elegant, right? At present, a sense of fulfillment appears in my heart! So I strongly recommend you to try it. Besides, you can design the colorful beads in different place and different shape as you like.