Introduction: Beebeecraft Instructions on Making a Delicate Stitch Bracelet With 2-hole Seed Beads

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Do you plan to make a beaded bracelet to look more pretty? Today this 2-hole seed beads bracelet for summer is a nice choice for you~

This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make chic green 2-hole seed beads bracelet for girls, hope you will like this handmade seed bead bracelet. Then details are listed as below.

Step 1: Materials Needed for the Beading Bracelet:

2mm seed beads

4-10mm Iron Jump Rings

5x3.5x3mm 2 hole seed beads

9mm Brass Spring Clasps

Metal diamond ornaments

0.2mm fish wire Scissors

Long nose pliers

Step 2: Make the First Part of the Green Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, cut off a proper length of fishing thread and slide some seed beads and the metal diamond ornaments through the thread;

2nd, cross the thread like the picture, slide the golden beads in between the space of the 2 hole seed beads; 3rd, continue to add 7 golden glass beads around the 2-hole seed beads as the picture.

Step 3: Continue to Add Beads

1st, Add 4 little golden beads to the fish thread and a brass spring clasps, then 4 four little golden beads;

2nd, As the clasps middle, twist the thread and cross through the golden beads;

3rd, The same steps to the other end of the thread.

Step 4: Finish This Green Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, continue to make more same beaded patterns and here 6 patterns have been finished, and you can decide the length according to you waist;

2nd, connect the 6 patterns with golden jump rings;

3rd, Add one more jump ring to the last one beaded pattern.

Step 5: Now, Here Is the Final Look of the Green Seed Beads Bracelet:

Wow, what a delicate beading bracelet! It suits summer so much! Have you got the skills of this seed beads bracelet making? You can check the tutorial again if there is any detail you do not understand. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Do you like this chic design? Then have a nice try and make one for yourself! Beebeecraft offers various jewelry making supplies for u! Hope this beebeecraft tutorial have inspired u and wish you have a good time!