Introduction: Beebeecraft Instructions on Making a Pearl Bracelet With White Pearls and Rhinestones

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Summary: Pearl bracelets are so elegant that many girls love them so much, Some girls also want to add some other elements to light the pearl bracelet up. In this article, I'm going to share a detailed instruction on making a pearl bracelet with white pearls and rhinestones.

This white pearl bead bracelet is made with simple jewelry craft supplies, including mixed size white glass pearl bead, mixed color rhinestone beads and some jewelry making findings.Let’s check the details together.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Pearl Bracelet With Rhinestone:

PandaHall Elite 8x3.8mm mixed color Rhinestone Spacer Beads

PandaHall Elite 6mm White Glass Pearl beads

BENECREAT 8mm white Glass Pearl Beads

PandaHall Elite Jewelry Basics Class Kit

PandaHall Elite 2mm Brass Round Crimp Beads

PandaHall Elite 8x4x3mm Multicolor Iron Round Spacer Beads
0.2mm Clear Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

BENECREAT Jewelry making tools Long Nose Pliers

Step 2: Add Pearl Beads to the Wire

1st, prepare a length of fishing wire, fold it in half, make a loop with a crimp bead, add an iron round spacer bead;

2nd, thread one 6mm pearl bead, and thread both wires through thr bead;

3rd, add a 6mm pearl bead to the both wire, then cross the both wire through a 8mm glass pearl.

Step 3: Finish the Pearl Bracelet With Pearl and Rhinestone Beads

1st, add a dark red rhinestone bead, a 8mm white glass pearl, a dark red rhinestone bead to the both wire Symmetrical, the cross both wire through another 8mm glass pearl;

2nd, continue to add a 6mm glass pearl to both wire and cross the wire through another 6mm glass pearl as the picture shows;

3rd, repeat the above steps to add the pearl and rhinestone to make pearl and rhinestone patterns like the picture shows;

4th, add a crimp bead on the end and two small jumping to the 2 ends, then attach a big jumping ring and a brass clasp to the 2 ends, connect the two ends tightly.

Step 4: The Final Look of the Pearl Bracelet With Pearls and Rhinestones:

Do you love this elegant pearl bracelet with pearl and rhinestone beads design? It would be really significant if this project gives you any inspirations in jewelry designs.