Introduction: Beebeecraft Original DIY - How to Make Beaded Chain Tassel Earrings

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Summary: Do you wanna make some special beaded chain earrings for the upcoming Summer? Today I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make colorful beads and fringe chain earrings.

This kind of Tibetan syule link, colorful beads with golden fringes chain earrings is typical vintage, which is perfect to match your long flowing dress. Let’s get down to make this vintage tassel chain earrings!

Step 1: Supplies Needed in Making Fringe Chain Earrings:

Tassel Cap Bail Rhinestone Settings

4mm AB Color Round Acrylic Beads

4mm painted glass beads strands

35x0.7mm Golden Iron Head pins

2mm Brass Twisted curb jewelry making Chains

19mm Golden Brass Earring Hooks Ear Wire

Jewelry making tools pliers

Step 2:

1st, Take 2 beads of choice and thread them onto the eyepin, make a loop at the other end with round nose plier;

2nd, cut some length of golden chains to connect with the beaded pattern.

3rd, thread the chain bead tassels to the Tassel Cap Bail;
4th, connect an earring hook to the link with a jump ring.

Step 3:

Tada! We have finished this vintage beaded chain earring patterns. It is not difficult but eye catching. The earring design idea is definitely worth a try, hurry up to make a gorgeous earring like this!