Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Black Seed Beads Bracelet With Ceramic Beads

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Summary: Hey, do you like Ceramic beads bracelet? How about this black seed beads and Ceramic beads bracelet? Classical also chic, The following tutorial will show you how to make this bracelet.

No complicated beading skills, everyone can make this seed beaded bracelet. All you need is to prepare these jewelry craft supplies from, The main technique used in this homemade bead bracelet is beading.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for This Black Seed Beads Bracelet:

8mm Porcelain Ceramic Round Beads Strands

12/0 black Glass Seed Beads

3mm Light Golden Plated Acrylic Round Beads

0.2mm string materials White Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

4-10mm Iron Jump Rings

Pandahall Elite clasps

Step 2: Make the First Part of the Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, cut off a piece of 0.2mm white nylon wire and slide 10 2mm black seed beads onto the wire, then cross the two wires onto the seed beads and tighten;

2nd, cross a pin to the seed beads, slide five 2mm black seed beads onto the wire, a 3mm light golden plated beads respectively and a 8mm ceramic bead on the middle;

3rd, cross the ends to the pin seed bead; 4th, continue to add four 2mm black seed beads, a 3mm light golden plated beads respectively along the 8mm ceramic bead onto the wire, and repeat the above steps.

Step 3: Finish This Black Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, continue this pattern until reach ideal length, here I use 17 Porcelain Ceramic beads;

2nd, then thread a jump ring and the other part of the clasp to wire;

3rd, connect the yellow flower bracelet.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of This Porcelain Ceramic Bracelet:

Ok, these are the details on how to make a beaded bracelet full of China flavor. Easy but so Beautiful bracelet. Did you get the skills of this bracelet making? Do not worry, you can make it if you follow the steps. Besides, After you complete this bracelet, you can adapt the beading techniques to make other types of jewelry.