Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a Pair of Acrylic Beaded Dangle Earrings

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Summary: How do you like beaded dangle earrings? With the summer coming, Here I will share a pair of fresh beaded dangle earrings with you all.

If u are searching for some diy earrings ideas that are relatively easy to make, You may be willing to try this one. This pair of glass beads earrings is made with light purple, yellow and green acrylic beads and finding pins mainly, it is quite easy for even green hands. Now follow me to see HOW~

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed for Colorful Beaded earrings Making:

Mixed Shapes Acrylic Beads

Mixed Transparent Frosted Acrylic Flower Bead Caps

Opaque Acrylic Flower Beads

35x0.7mm Iron Golden Head pins

50x0.7mm Golden Brass Eye Pin

Step 2: Prepare The earring parts

1st, slide a drop glass pearl bead, a acrylic flower bead, then 2 acrylic beads to the headpin;

2nd, slide a acrylic bead and a long shape bead to the eyepin, and make a loop at the end;

3rd, connect the 2 beaded dangle patterns together and attach a earrings hook to top of the dangle.

Step 3:

See? It is both easy to get started the diy earrings ideas and good match for your dress. You can follow here to make one pair yourself and it will be nice to wear them. Anyway, have a wonderful time~