Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Tassel Rhinestone Chain Earrings With Glass Pearl Beads

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Summary: Jewelry making daily is an interesting thing for the jewelry making enthusiasts. Are you interested in learning how to make dangle earring with rhinestone chain and beads? This Beebeecraft tutorial is going to introduce a Beebeecraft original handcraft project.

Tassel embellishments have always been associated with elegance and beauty, and the blue color pearl bead also shows the elegance, the combination is perfect for the earrings making.

Step 1: Craft Supplies for Jewelry Making the Dangle Earrings:

BENECREAT Crystal Rhinestone Chain

PandaHall Elite 6 Colors Iron Earring Hooks

PandaHall Elite 12mm Round Glass Pearl Beads

Mixed color brass cord ends

Platinum Brass Eye Pin

BENECREAT Long Nose Pliers

BENECREAT Side Cutter Side-Cutting Pliers

BENECREAT Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Make a Tassel With Chains

1st, cut off five pieces of rhinestone chains as the length approximately to 8cm;

2nd, add a brass cord end to fasten the five pieces of the chains.

3rd, add a blue 12mm glass pearl to a headpin, and make a loop at the end;
4th, connect the pearl, rhinestone chain and the earring hooks together in sequence (as shown in the picture).

Step 3: Here Is the Final Look of the Tassel Earrings.

Do you like this pair of tassel rhinestone chain earrings? This tutorial is quite simple and it didn’t take you so much time to make them, just have a try by following this detailed earring tutorial. Enjoy yourself~