Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Braided Faux Suede Bracelet

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Do you like braided bracelets? How about a bracelet with pink faux suede cord and blue waxed polyester cord? Here is how I make this braided bracelet. If you are interested in this bracelet, you can follow the steps below and make a beautiful and easy bracelet by your self. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

Pink faux suede cord
42x19x2mm antique silver Tibetan style alloy branch pendant

5mm silver iron jump rings

30x10x2mm silver alloy link

1mm Korean cyan waxed polyester cord

6x12mm silver tone alloy lobster claw clasps

Antique silver vintage style snowflake pendant

Steel DIY jewelry pliers scissors

Step 2: Instruction 1 on How to Make the Bracelet:

1. You should take out the silver branch pendant and use your blue waxed cord to fix the pendant.
2. Use a silver jump ring to connect the silver branch pendant and the silver snowflake pendant. The steel DIY jewelry pliers is really helpful.

3. You can repeat the same steps to make one more component. That’s a strand with cross pendant.

4. Cut two pink faux suede cord and use a silver cord end to fix them.

Step 3: Instruction 2 on How to Make the Bracelet:

1. You can start to design the pink cord pattern in the middle. Try to cross them with one another and make them as long as you want.
2. When you finish the pink cords, use a silver cord end to fix them with the blue cords on both sides.

3. Attach a silver lobster claw clasp to the bracelet and you will finish the design.

Step 4: Finish the Bracelet

Are you satisfied with your own design? Welcome to share your bracelet with me! You can find more materials of jewelry making from Beebeecraft and enjoy your craft making life!