Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Easy Safety Pin Bracelet

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Summary: Have you got ideas on making safety pin craft? That sounds interesting and creative, right? This Beebeecraft tutorial will tell you how to make pin bracelet easily, hope you will like it and have a nice try!

See the DIY safety pin bracelet, do you wanna have a try? They are made with only pearl beads and safety pins, so it will be quite easy for even a jewelry making beginner to make. Now, follow me to see together~

Step 1: The Materials for This Pin Bracelet:

28mm Safety Pins

8mm White Pearlized Glass Round Beads Strand

4~10mm Silver Iron Jump Rings

Bolt Spring Ring Necklace End Clasps

4.0cmx0.7mm Silver-color Iron Eyepins

DIY Scrapbook Paper Adhesive Tapes

Step 2: Make the Single Component of the Bracelet

1st, slide a 8mm white pearl onto an eyepin, cut off the extra part, make a loop at the end;

2nd, tie the adhesive tapes around the eyepins and then cut it off;

3rd, make 6 pins with ashesive tapes and 6 white pearl with eyepins.

Step 3: Finish the Pin Bracelet

1st, connect the components above by the jump rings as the picture shows;

2nd, connect the pin bracelet with a jumpring and a lobster clasp

now the Adhesive Tapes pin bracelet is done;

Step 4: The Final Look of Adhesive Tapes Pin bracelet:

How do you think of the diy safety pin bracelet? As you can see, the materials are quite easy to find and the procedures are also super simple. Do you wanna have a try? And all the materials can be found on Beebeecraft.