Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Felt Earrings With Bugle Beads and Tassel

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Summary: Here is an easy Beebeecraft tutorial on DIY felt round earrings with bugle beads and tassels for all DIY fanciers. If you are the one who loves simple DIY jewelry, you could learn how to make felt earrings here!

You may find earrings made of many different kinds of jewelry craft materials in jewelry store, mostly metal or plastic. Felt earrings are very light and you can wear them all day long without any burden. Now follow me to find out how to make seed bead tassel earrings!

Step 1: What Do You Need for Making Felt Tassel Earrings?

Pandahall Elite 7mm bugle beads

3mm Light Golden Plated Round Beads

Polyester Tassel pendant

4-10mm Iron Jump Rings

Golden earring hooks

Black Non Woven Fabric Embroidery Felt For DIY Crafts

Step 2: Cut Felt and Glue the Beads

1st, draw a circle on the black felt and cut out the piece of the black felt, glue a 3mm golden round bead in the center of the round felt;

2nd, Glue 7mm bugle beads on the felt as the picture shows;

3rd, Glue the golden plated round beads around the circlr felt.

Step 3: Add Tassels and Hooks

1st, fill in the blank on the center with the golden plated seed beads;

2nd, attach a tassel to the bottom of the felt flower with a jump ring, add a earring hook to the jump ring;

3rd, do the same to make the other earring.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look:

Only two steps, a pair of cute and funny felt tassel earrings are born! Who says that simple things cannot be amazing? Even Boys can also try to make for your lover because this pair of earrings are extremely simple to make.