Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Flower Organza Asymmetric Earrings

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Do you like light fresh earrings?Do you like asymmetric jewelry ?By following this tutorial, you can learn how to make a light organza earrings in a short time.Let’s start it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed for These Flower Organza Asymmetric Earrings:

22mm organza ,light blue

0.4mm silver twist aluminum wire and chains

15mm Silver earrings hook

4mm×0.8mm Glass Pearl Beads ,Round

Step 2: Instructions on How to Make These Flower Organza Asymmetric Earrings:

1st, cut organza into the same size pieces about 22mm,it’s probably take nine pieces for one flower,then cut them into the shape of petals .

2nd,quickly burn over the edge of the petals with a lighter to prevent the organza from wire drawing.

Step 3:

3rd,run a pearl beads through an silver aluminum wire and secure it.Put the petals through the two side of the wire randomly.Then twist the aluminum wire to hold it in place.

4th, add some pearl beads in the long earring and lock the length with a twist aluminum chain.Last,clip the earrings hook and jump rings together on the top.Then we are finished!

Step 4:

So far the tutorial of making asymmetric flower earrings is completed! Do you also think you can finish them alone? It is very easy and you can add your imagination to make an unique earrings belongs to you.Share me your some nicer ideas then. Welcome to find more jewelry making supplies on Beebeecraft!