Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Glass Beads Earrings

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Do you want to learn how to make glass beads earrings? Today the Beebeecraft tutorials will teach you an easy but elegant glass beads earrings making process in the article below.

Beaded earrings are more and more popular in recent years, especially glass beads. Glass beads is a special kind of beads and they has good texture . I’m always fascinated by various earring which are stylish and elegant. In fact, we can also make easy glass beads earrings at home! Just follow my steps and you can also DIY one pair of special earrings with glass beads!

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making Glass Beads Earrings

8mm Crackle Glass Bead

0.7mm Iron Headpin

10mm Iron Open Jump Rings

4mm Iron Open Jump Rings

Steel Earring Hooks

Jewelry Tools Supplies

Step 2: Instruction of Making Glass Beads Earrings:

Step1,make the basic pattern of earrings

1st,slide the glass bead into the headpin then make a loop,and repeat three times to make three models of glass beads;

2nd,link one finished jewelry pattern to the big jump ring by a 4mm open jump ring;

3rd,attach the earring hook in the finished jewelry pattern.

Step2,finished the finial pattern of the earring

1st,link two big jump rings with one 4mm open jump ring, then attach a model of glass beads, and now you get a model of two jump rings;

2nd,link the result of step one to the model of two jump rings by 4mm open jump ring, then link the two part with one model of glass beads;

3rd,repeat the above steps to get another earring.

Step 3: The Final Jewelry Just Likes This:

Wow! this project is finished. Follow the steps of the Beebeecraft tutorials and bring your imagination, so you can get a special pair of glass beads earrings.