Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Heart Earrings

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Today we are going to learn a basic tutorial of how to make a pair of heart earrings with jade beads. Let’s have a look with me!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

8x6mm white jade beads

8x6mm crimson jade beads

5cm silver head pins

3x4mm platinum cable chains

18mm silver earring hooks

13x11.5x4.5mm silver heart charms

jewelry tool supplies

Step 2: Instructions on How to Make the Earrings:

1. Use hair pins to thread the white and red jade beads. Make a loop with the help of round nose pliers. You will get 6 loop components in total.

2. Use the long nose pliers to fix the components to the silver chains. Usually we make 3 components on each side. And then fix the earring hook.

3. Take out the silver heart charm and fix it on the bottom of the silver chain.

4. Repeat the steps above to finish the other earring.

Step 3: Finish

Have you finished the earring making? Do you think it easy? You should be patient when you make the loops in the first step. The materials are easy to get. Welcome to more on Beebeecraft!