Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Three Strings Pearl Beads Bracelet

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Do you want to have a beautiful and graceful pearl bracelet? There is a easy and clear tutorial about how to make a three strings Pearl beads bracelet. Is your heart moving? let’s learn it.Today’s project is making a pearl beads bracelet. Even if you don't have any relevant experience, it doesn't matter, and the article will teach you in detail. Now, let's learn by following the article.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making a Pearl Beads Bracelet:

4mm Pearl Beads

0.4mm Jewelry String Claw

Clasps Magnetic Clasps

Tibetan Style Pendants

Jewelry Tools Supplies

Jump Rings

Step 2: How to Make the Pearl Beads Bracelet With Three Strings:

Step1:make the basic pattern

1st,slide a claps in a string ,and then slide some suitable seed beads in the string,slide a claps in the end of the string ;

2rd,complete the other two in the same way.

Step2,finish the bracelet

1st,connect three strings together by jump ring and link a magnetic claps in one side of the strings;

2rd,connect three strings together by a jump ,and add two jump rings orderly,attach a pendant in the end of the side lastly.

Step 3: The Finial Look of the Pearl Beaded Bracelet With Three Strings:

Wow! How delicate and elegant bracelet are finished! Don’t you want to have a try? No need any professional beading or wire wrapping skills, just follow this Beebeecraft tutorial, even you are a green hand, you can make a pair at home.