Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make White Wrapped Glass Flower Earrings

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Summary: Do you like wrapped beads? They are elegant for women. If you like to make a pair of wrapped glass bead earrings, please follow me and I will tell you how to make.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

30x21x6mm white brass glass nuggetsan pendants

6x4mm white electroplate glass beads

0.3mm golden copper wire for jewelry making

25x24mm golden iron earring hooks

1.5mm golden aluminum wire

Steel DIY jewelry pliers set

Step 2: Instruction 1 on How to Make the Earrings:

1.Use the 1.5mm golden aluminum wire to wrap a loop.

2.Wrap some bigger loops with the help of your round nose pliers.

3.Continue to wrap the aluminum wire until you make 3 loops. And then you should make the last loop to finish the wire end.

4.Use your 0.3mm golden copper wire to wrap the aluminum wire. It may takes some time to for you to finish this step.

Step 3: Instruction 2 on How to Make the Earrings:

5. Thread a white glass bead and fix the beads close to the golden aluminum wire. Then you are going to wrap the copper wire to the other side of the aluminum wire.

6. Add 3 white glass beads to the aluminum wire. You should make sure that the beads are wrapped like the shape of petals.

7. Continue to thread the white glass beads and wrap them close to the golden aluminum wire. When you finish the last white bead, you should cut your copper wire to make an end.

8. Add the white brass glass nuggets pendant and earring hook to finish the earring. And you are supposed to repeat the steps above to finish other earring.

Step 4: Finish the Earrings

Now the white wrapped glass flower earrings are finished! Do you like them? The golden aluminum wire is just like the stem of a flower. The white glass beads are just like the petals of flowers. Elegant and easy earrings! You can also find more jewelry making supplies from Beebeecraft and start your beading work now!