Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Pair of Acrylic Pearl Earrings

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Do you want to have a pair of beautiful and graceful pearl earrings? There is a easy and clear tutorial about how to make a pair of earrings. Is your heart moving? let’s learn it.

Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making Arcylic Pearl Earrings.

21×5mm Acrylic Beads Bark with Orange Color

8×6mm Blue and White Glass Beads

8mm Pained pearl beads White Glass Pearl Beads

45×0.7mm Jewelry Iron Eyepins

Mixed Iron Headpins with Sliver Color

19mm Sliver Brass Earring Hooks

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Cutting pliers

Step 2: Instruction of Making a Pair of Acrylic Pearl Earrings

Step1: Make 2 beaded dangle pattern

1st , slide the pink pearl to a pin and make a loop at the one side.

2nd , slide the pink pearl to the mixed iron headpins and link with each other like the picture.

3rd , slide the blue glass beads , the orange glass beads, the white pearl beads , the transparent glass beads to the jewelry finding iron eyepins orderly, and then make a loop at the other end of the eyepin.

Step2 : Finish the acrylic pearl earrings

1st , connect the two beaded dangle pattern and then attach a earring hook on the top of the dangle.

2nd , repeat above steps to make the other one of the acrylic pearl earring.

Step 3: The Final Jewelry Just Like This:

Wow! this project is finished. Follow the steps of this article and bring your imagination, so you can get a special pair of acrylic pearl earrings.