Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Pair of Red Wood Beaded Ball Earrings

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Summary: Are you looking for wood beads ball earrings designs? In today's Beebeecraft tutorial, I'll show you how to make a pair of red beaded Ball Earrings.

This earrings are made up of small red wood beaded balls. With some red wood beads, golden jump rings and golden chains in a combination, you can DIY this eye catching bead ball earrings.

Step 1: Craft Supplies for Jewelry Making the Beaded Ball Earrings:

Pandahall Elite 7mm Round Wood Beads

PandaHall Elite 6 Colors Iron Earring Hooks

3x2x0.6mm golden Iron Cross Chains

PandaHall Elite 4-10mm Gold Jump Rings

0.2mm fishing wire clear thread


Long Nose Pliers

BENECREAT BC-802 4.6-INCH Side Cutter Side-Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Bead the Basic Pattern

1st, cut a piece of 0.2mm fishing wire, slide 4 7mm red wood beads to the middle, then cross both ends through another red bead and tighten up;

2nd, thread one end of the fishing wire through a beading needle, then thread it through 4 red wood beads, then thread the needle through the red wood bead on the original pattern as shown;

3rd, thread the needle thread 3 more red wood beads, then thread it through the 2 red wood beads on the patterns as shown;

4th, thread 2 red wood beads through the needle, then thread the needle through the 3 wood beads on the 3 patterns in line and tighten up.

Step 3: Make the Beaded Balls

1st, now you've finished the half round of the ball, so continue to bead the rest half;

2nd, thread the needle through 3 red wood beads, then thread it through 2 red wood beads on the fringe as shown and tighten up;

3rd, slide 2 red wood beads to the wire and thread the needle through 3 red wood beads on 3 patterns respectively;

4th, thread the needle through 2 red wood beads, then sew up the fringes.

5th, add a golden jump ring on the top of the bead ball, and add one piece of golden chain onto the jump ring;
6th, attach earring hook and finish the red wood beads earrings.

Step 4: Time for the Final Look of This Pair of Red Wood Beaded Ball Earrings!!

What do you think of the red wood beaded ball earrings? This pair of red wood beaded earrings goes well with all seasons., and the red will make you the focus in a group.