Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Starfish-pendant Necklace With Pearl Beads and Crystal Beads

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This article will show you how to make starfish-pendant necklace with pearl beads and crystal beads just two steps. Necklace is very popular for people. It is special to own a necklace made by yourself , and it’s even better to have a beautiful necklace and the quality and acceptance of the necklace guaranteed by the materials of the necklace. Pearl beads and crystal beads are first choice for many jewelry making. This is because pearl beads and crystal beads are textured , clean and shiny. If make the two kinds of beads combined , then can make a gorgeous necklace.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making a Starfish-pendant Necklace

4mm White Glass Pearl Beads

4mm Iron Jump Rings

4mm Transparent Glass Crystal Beads

4mm Light Blue Glass Crystal Beads

4mm Thick Blue Glass Crystal Beads

15.5x17.5mm Starfish Pendant Charms

Jewelry making chain

6x10mm Claw Claps

Open Eye Pins

Ball Head Pins

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Step 2: Instruction of Making Starfish-pendant Necklace

Step1: slide the beads in to the pins

1st, ready for four open eye pins and slide four color beads in the eye pins in order, and in addition to pearls need to eight, the rest of the beads need seven, then make a loop in the end of the pins;

2nd, attach a open jump ring to the middle of the pin with pearl beads, and attach another open jump ring to the first jump ring then attach the starfish pendant charm.

Step2: finished the basic pattern of the necklace
1st, connect all of the beaded eye pins with two head pin, and separate each column of beads with light and thick blue crystal beads in sequence and the ball of the heads pins face the starfish pendant, then make a loop separately in in the ends of two head pins

2nd, attach the jewelry chain to the loops of the finished pattern of necklace, then attach the claw claps to the jewelry chain.

Step 3: The Finial Jewelry Just Like This:

This is easy, isn’t it? You can own a starfish pendant necklace with pearl beads and crystal beads made by yourself easily. A gorgeous necklace would make you more beautiful and special. If you want to own the necklace, just need to fellow the Beebeecraft Tutorials, and the Beebeecraft will continue to update!Fellow the Beebeecraft to become a craftsmen and craftswomen!