Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Your Own Fresh and Cute Beaded Drop Earrings

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This is a easy DIY project of making beaded drop earrings with glass beads and gemstone beads. Glass beads and gemstone beads are extremely textured and shiny, and the earrings are the popular and ordinal jewelry for women and girls. So the drop beaded earrings with glass beads and gemstone beads are suitable for every females and seasons. Follow the tutorials of Beebeecraft, you can easily have your drop beaded earrings with glass beads and gemstone beads by your hands. This article is a easy tutorial on how to make earrings with beads, and now let’s learn how to make the drop earrings.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making the Drop Beaded Earrings

10mm Crack Glass Beads

8mm Jade Glass Beads

8mm Gemstone Beads

Earring Hooks

Jewelry Making Chain

0.6x30mm Open Eye pins

0.6x330mm Golden Iron Jewelry Head pins

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Step 2: Instruction of Making a Drop Beaded Earrings

Step 1: Combine green glass beads and gemstone bead with headpins

1st, slide a 10mm glass beads to the open eye pin then make a loop at the end;

2nd, combine three light green color glass and three thick green color with headpins then make loops; 3rd, combine five 8mm gemstone beads with the headpins then make loops.

Step 2: Combine beads pattern with chain and attach earring hooks

1st, attach suitable the golden chain to the 10mm glass pattern in one side, and attach the earring hook in other side;

2nd, attach three 8mm light green color glass pattern to the golden chain,and attach three thick green color 8mm glass to the golden chain pattern then attach five 8mm gemstone beads pattern to the golden chain pattern in order;

3rd, repeat above steps to get another drop earring.

Step 3: The Finial Jewelry Just Look Like This:

Wow! These steps are easy! Hope you can admire this article and you can find us in Beebeecraft if you have any problems about jewelry making supplies and jewelry making. Just follow the tutorials from Beebeecraft and you can own your own drop earrings making by yourself.