Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Pearl Earrings

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No one can ignore the beauty of pearls, so is the beauty of pearl earrings. Do you want to make pearl earrings? Follow this Beebeecraft tutorial and take the steps!

Step 1:

This is what the earrings look like! Do you love them? The main materials of making this pair of earrings are blue pearl beads, white bugle beads and silver bead caps. Take actions now!

Step 2:

Materials and tools needed:

15mm White Bugle Beads

50x0.6mm Steel Head Pins
70x0.7mm Steel Eye Pins

18x0.8mm Silver Earring Hooks

8mm DeepSkyBlue Pearl Beads
Platinum Flower Bead Caps

Steel DIY Jewelry Pliers Set

Step 3:

Instructions on how to make the earrings:

1st, use a head pin to slide a blue pearl bead, flower bead cap and white bugle bead, and make a loop. 2nd, repeat the first step for three times and use an eye pin to connect the three beaded loops. Then thread a bigger flower bead cap and blue pearl bead. 3rd, make a loop of the eye pin. 4th, fix the earring hook on the top of your earring. Then repeat the steps above to finish the other earring!

Step 4:

The pearl earrings are easily finished. They look really classic and attractive. You can try and you will also find the fun when you are making them! Enjoy your jewelry making life!