Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Shining Crystal Earrings

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Maybe making a shining crystal earrings has been bothering you. Today this article will solve this trouble for you. Beebeecraft tutorials will show you how to make a pair of shining crystal earrings, and hope you can admire it . Crystal beads is one of the most popular jewelry , and the blue color will make the crystal beads both luxurious and fresh. They are extremely magical beads that can make you look so beautiful and charming. Earrings made of the crystal beads makes you have a unique beauty.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed to Make the Crystal Earrings:

4~10mm Brass Jump Rings

7x1mm Aluminum Wire Open Jump Rings

18mm Iron Sliver Earrings Hooks

22x14x5mm Brass Glass Drop Pendants

Flat Nose Pliers

Step 2: How to Make the Shining Crystal Earrings:

Step1 : Connect the Jump Rings

1st, connect two small brass jump rings to the large brass rings ,each with two rings;

2nd, use three blue and open wire jump rings circle the two small jump rings and basically cover them.

Step 2: Finished the Shining Crystal Earrings

1st, connect 3 set of large rings on one side of the formed rings units in the same way, each with two large rings,and then circle 3 blue wire open jump rings on each rings unit;

2nd , connect one small brass jump ring on one side of the finished rings unit and add the blue crystal bead to the small ring;

3rd, attach an earring hook to the other end of the finished pattern.

Step 3: The Final Look of the Shining Crystal Earrings:

Wow! These shining crystal earrings are so delicate! Don’t you want to have a try? No need any professional beading or wire wrapping skills, just follow this Beebeecraft tutorial, even you are a green hand, you can make a pair at home.