Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pink Pearl Bracelet

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Summary: Today’s tutorial teaches you to make pearl bracelets. The bracelet, which uses pink pearls and is paired with a special crown pendant, is very beautiful. Come and have your own crown bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:

8mm Pink Pearl Beads

2mm Silver Tube Crimp Beads

3.6mm Round Silver Spacer Beads

4x3.5mm Faceted Silver Spacer Beads

Silver Lobster Clasp and Jump Rings

Tibetan Style Silver Crown Pendant

Steel Tiger Tail Beading Wire

Flat Nose Pliers Scissors

Step 2: Instructions on How to Make the Bracelet:

1st, use a round spacer bead to fix the end of the tiger tail wire.

2nd, thread a faceted silver spacer bead and a pink pearl bead, and repeat the same step.

3rd, thread the last faceted silver spacer bead and use a round spacer bead to fix the wire.

4th, connect the jump rings, lobster claw clasp and crown pendant.

Step 3:

Then you finish the bracelet making project! This is the final look of the elegant bracelet. Enjoy your jewelry making with us!