Introduction: Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Design--How to Make Bracelet With Beads and Wire

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Summary: Do you like wire wrapped beaded bracelet? Here I want to teach you how to make a wire wrapped bracelet with golden wire and turquoise agate beads.

To make this wire bangle bracelet, you just need to prepare turquoise color Gemstone Beads and one sized jewelry wires, The gold aluminum wire and the turquoise Gemstone beads make this wire wave bracelet so special and delicate. Now, let's start to learn how to make a wire bracelet.

Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make the Wire Bangle Bracelet:

6mm Turquoise Color Gemstone Beads

Golden Color Eye Pin

1.5mm Gold Aluminum Wire

Jewelry making tools pliers

Step 2: Make Basic Wire Wrapped Pattern

1st, cut off about 35cm string materials aluminum wire, coil the wire with round nose plier about 2 or 3 wraps;

2nd, make an oval loop with round nose plier, then make another oval loop at the other end;

3rd, slide 1 bead onto the eyepin, make a loop with round nose plier, then cut off the extra wire;

Step 3: Finish Making Wire Bracelets With Beads

1st, Do the same wire links and bead loop, then connect them together like the picture;

2nd, Prepare a 10cm gold aluminum wire, wrap a backward "S" shape, then make a small loop on each end; 3rd, Connect them together with the S hook clasp.

Step 4: The Final Look of the Beautiful Golden Wire Wrapped Bracelet:

Now I have finished making wire bracelets with beads. It is so easy and everyone can try to make this wire wrapped beaded bracelet. If you don’t like the colors, you can use other color to make this bracelet.