Beef Bites (Mock Sushi)

Introduction: Beef Bites (Mock Sushi)

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A much healthier snack/appetizer to accompany Grey's Anatomy for us or Pocoyo for the little ones ;)

Perfect dipped with Sriracha! But of course, not for the little ones.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

For the measurements and what are used to make these mock sushi, is up to you! You can use any seasonings and vegetables as you like, and as needed. But for this one, I use

Ground beef (you can even use store bought beef patties and just crumble it).

Carrot, grated/shredded

Green onion, thinly sliced

Bird eye chilies (omit if the mock sushi are for kids), chopped

Onion, Garlic (you can use powder even!), chopped

Spices (white pepper powder, Hungarian Vegeta powder or Maggi/Knorr powder or even other brand, salt. Sometimes I also have soy sauce, sesame oil, just a tad. So really, to your liking how you want it to taste like).

An egg

1-2 Nori (roasted seaweed)

Enough cooking oil

Mix all ingredients well. Lay flat your nori and place mixture as shown on picture.

Roll from one end and kind of dab the other end with light water so nori will seal.

Heat oil on medium heat and fry beef roll.

Drain on paper towel, slice, and serve.


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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    they are good dipped in bbq sauce, honey mustard as well ketchup (if you don't like Sriracha sauce). my 5 yo is a bit weird, he likes it with plum sauce haha but yes, they are good!