Introduction: Bench Cushion

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A bench without a cushion is like a bench without a cushion; uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to make bench cushions. Benches need to be comfortable and a cushion is a shortcut to comfort. You will be amazed how much more comfortable your bench will be with this cushion sitting on top of it.

This particular cushion is designed for a bench with a 12" x 92.5" seat. You can make the bench by following these instructions.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

To make a 92.5" cushion you will need:

3 yards x 60" x 1/2" Foam Sheeting
3 yards of thick polyester batting
3 yards x 60" fabric for cushion
1 spool matching thread
A ruler
Sewing machine

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Step 2: Cut the Padding

Measure, mark and cut the foam into 4 92" x 12".

Next cut the batting into a 92" x 12-1/8" strip.

Stack the foam and then placing the batting on top. Put it atop your bench and site down to see just how darn comfortable that is.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Measure and mark the fabric such that you have the following rectangles:

(1X) 12-7/8"" x 18"
(1X) 12-7/8"" x 77-1/2"
(1X) 12-7/8"" x 92-1/2"
(2X) 12-7/8"" x 3-1/4"
(2X) 3-1/4" x 92-1/2"

When cutting the fabric, it helps to keep the fabric flat and the scissor low to the cutting surface. Cut with one hand and gently pull aisde the cut piece with the other hand.

Step 4: Sew

First fold a small lip of the narrower side of the 77-1/2" piece of fabric over and sew it to form an even edge. Repeat making a similar edge with the small 18" of fabric. The sewn edge of the 18" of fabric will then overlap the longer piece of the sewn edge of the 77-1/2" fabric. This will form a small pocket at this junction in the final cover. Pin them together such that the total length of the two pieces combined reaches 92.5".

Then, with the right side facing inwards, sew one of the thing long strips to the long edge of these pieces of fabric. Repeat on the other edge with the other long strip.

Next, attach each respective side of the longest solid piece of fabric (facing inwards) to one of the two long skinny strips. When you are done, it should form a fabric tube of sorts

Lastly, again with the right side of the fabric facing inwards, attach each small square to each open end, such that all the sides line up correctly. This will close the cushion and form a proper rectangular shape.

Finally, flip the whole thing inside-out through the pocket. The right-side of the fabric will now be facing outwards.

(just look at the pictures below)

Step 5: Stuff

Stuff the foam into the fabric cover such that the batting is facing up (away from the side with the opening).

Battle with flattening it out until it looks about right.

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