Harry Potter Wand

Introduction: Harry Potter Wand

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Have you ever wanted a wand like the ones in Harry Potter??
Well now you can make your own out of everyday items which you don't think are important.


Hot glue gun
Wooden sticks
Paints ( brown paint or red and black paint )
Paint brush
Pallet (optional)

Step 1: Making the Wand Base

Take two wooden sticks and join them in an appropriate size using the hot glue gun.
Cover the sticks with hot glue such that it like a wand. (See the picture)
Make rings of hot glue on the handle ( thicker part)

Step 2: Painting the Wand

Mix red and black paint in a 2 : 1 ratio or simply use brown paint.
Starting from the tip paint the wand.
Your wand is ready!!!

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