Introduction: Bi Conical Paper Beads Bracelets

Now i study some thing from my mom. In there teen age these paper beads plays a major role in hand crafts. Its all freely available in home. My mom remember those days they made a curtains with this with more than 1000 beads all are hand made.

Step 1: Materials Required


For Beads

1) Any long magazine with lot of color pages.

For Bracelet

1) Paper Beads.

2) Fiber String or thread.

Tools and Accessories Required

1) Scissors.

2) Big Sewing Needle.

3) Small Sewing Needle.

4) Paste.(I used home made paste)

Step 2: Prepare the Paper for Beads

1) I cut paper as strip for 2 Cm.

2) Mark the center in the opposite side.

3) Draw a cone with that center.

4) Cut the cone. Now its paper is ready for making beads.

Step 3: Make Beads

1) Take Big Sewing Needle in the left hand.

2) Hold the long cone edge behind the paper.

3) Roll the paper tightly over the needle.

4) At the half of the paper stop rolling.

5) Apply Paste in the inside of the paper for the remaining half.

6) Then again roll the remaining half tightly.

7) Now the beady is ready. Remove it from the needle and allow it to dry.

Step 4: Time for Hard Work

1) Cut a lot of papers with same dimension.

2) Roll it, Roll it and Roll it ( Play some songs u like to hear or chat with some one while making). I did 41 beads in 1hours and 15 minutes. After Finish u able to see lot of colorful beads in Ur hand.


To make paper beads water proof and shiningapply varnish.

Step 5: Simple Serial Bracelet - 1stdesign

As like name its very simple just. First count number of beads required to surround your hand. My hand need 9 beads. I use fiber string for single beads. Join one dark color and one light color beads alternatively. Its nice for me and my wife too.

Step 6: Complex Diamond Design - 2nd Design

1) My fiber string is very hard and so i change the thread for this design. Because of using thread a small sewing needle is needed to join the beads.

2) First Make a simple serial design.

3) Then insert the needle with thread in the first bead of the serial design. Leave the second bead in the serial design. Join another bead in the needle and insert the needle in to the third bead of the Serial design. Repeat it up to the last bead of the serial design. Cut the thread from the needle.

4)Join new thread and consider the last thread as serial design and continue step 3 up to how much beads in ur hand. I use up to 8 threads.

Step 7: Parallel Design - 3rd Design

1) Its also a simple design. For this we want two piece of threads or fiber string.

2) The thread pass through the beads Like snake.

3) Start up With making simple design, to make it more attractive i also add wooden round beads between each paper beads.

4) After complete the basic deign. Cut the thread and insert a new thread in the needle.

5) Start it from the opposite side of the first paper bead and add a wooden bead to the needle.

6) Then pass the needle to the second paper bead, opposite to the side of the old thread.

7) Repeat the step 5 and 6 up to the length we want. This design needs more paper beads.

Step 8: Square Design - 4th Design

1) Its also a simple design. Same like previous parallel design. For this also we want two piece of threads or fiber string.

2) The thread pass through the beads Like snake.

3) As Like Previous design same think done here. Inspite of using wooden beads here we use paper beads.

4) First do the basic design but here done it very long i use 20 paper beads for basic design.

5) Then insert a new thread in the needle and insert paper bead.

6) Then insert the needle to the second paper bead from opposite side (Tie the knot in the old thread and new thread this form a triangle.

7) then insert a paper bead in the needle and insert the needle to the fourth bead from opposite side.

8) Continue step 6 and 7 up to the required size.

Step 9: Gallery

These are the basic designs. Lot of advance designs with this beads. Try that out and share with me.

Make Your free time pleasant with new ideas. Thank You...

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