Introduction: Bike Fork Graphics Removal

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Step 1: So I Hated the Printed Decals on My Forks

Got a good deal on some new forks for my mountain bike but I hated the graphics. Mostly because I don't want anyone to know I'm riding RST shocks... So I wanted to remove them. Trouble is they're not just decals. Some chump decided to print them on the fork. On a whim I decided to see if adhesive tape might remove it... SUCKSESS!!

Step 2: Get Ya Some Tape!

This stucco tape works great

Step 3: Stick It on the Fork

Rip a piece and slapper on

Step 4: Burnish

Step 5: Peel It Off

Step 6: Check Progress

Look at the potential!!!

Step 7: Tape Up Remaining Areas

Rinse repeat as much as you need

Step 8: Done!!!

Looking good! I like the clean look. This method works on the RST F1rst Air 29 forks. Try any others at your own risk

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