Introduction: Binder Minder - Hair Binder Bracelet

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I usually keep my hair binders on my wrist, but it gets annoying getting that crease from it. A handy way to keep your hair binders and rubber bands at hand without them squeezing your wrist is this handy binder minder, or hair binder bracelet. Just wrap your binder around it to keep it easy to get to. You can easily take it off and wear the bracelet as is and then put it back on the bracelet when you are done.

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I made these with a 3D printer, so if you do that as well all you'll need is

  • 3D Printer - I have a Prusa MK3
  • Any filament - the print doesn't stand out much so it doesn't really matter what color you use
  • Hair Binders you want to put on your binder minders

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Step 1: Designs and Files

I tried out 3 designs and 2 ended up working. They are the basic solid bracelet with groove and the grooved bracelet with cutout.

You can get duplicate and edit the designs on Tinkercad or download the ones I have here.

Step 2: Wrist

Start by figuring out your wrist size so you can mock it up in Tinkercad. I put my wrist on a piece of paper and measured the width and height.

Recreate this in Tinkercad so you can make the bracelet fit to you.

My wrist is 6" around and it is about 1.75" tall and 2.125" wide. The measurements I give you are based on my wrist size. You'll probably have to change yours to fit your wrist.

Step 3: Basic Shape

For the basic shape of the bracelet, you just need a oval and then a hole oval to cutout the center. I tried to make it not too much bigger than my wrist so it would sit comfortably.

My bracelet oval ended up being about 2.697" by 2.221" with a cutout oval that was 2.320" by 1.911"

I designed my bracelet to be 1/4" tall but I also printed a version that was 0.375" tall as well. You can make yours as tall as you want and it will depend on the thickness of your binders or how many you want to put on one bracelet.

Step 4: Add Curve

I wanted to add a curve/groove going around it so the binder would stay in place and not fall off. I also didn't want the groove too deep so that it would require support to be printed. I was going to use a mobius, but I ended up using the ring shape from the basic shapes and altering the outside of the ring a bit.

I made it taller than the bracelet so that it wouldn't leave any excess around the top. The ring was about 3.010" by 2.480" and 0.486" tall.

I made it a hole and cut the bracelet.

Step 5: Cutout

If you want just a solid bracelet you can stop here, but you'll need to make it a bit larger so you can get it over your thumb. My slip on bracelet is about 3.021" by 2.488".

Otherwise, take a roof and cut off the top (to make a trapezoid). Use this to cut an angled wedge out of the side of the bracelet. I ended up making this opening about the height of my wrist so I knew I could get it off, but the bracelet actually bends pretty well, so you can make it smaller if you want.

Step 6: Slice and Print

Now it's time to slice and print. As for slicing it, the only thing special I did was do 100% infill, since it's so dainty, to give it as much strength as I could.

Step 7: Wearing

Time to wear your binder minders!

For the slip on bracelet, the best way to wear it is put the binder on the bracelet and then slip them both on at once.

For the cutout one, put the bracelet on your wrist and your binder, then slip the binder onto the bracelet.

Also, if the edges of your bracelet are too shape and scrape your skin, you can use some sandpaper to smooth it out a bit.

Step 8: Finished

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