Introduction: Bio Coloured Eggs

This instructable will show you how to color your easter eggs without using chemicals

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need:
1. Eggs
2. Onions
3. pantyhose
4.small leafs, grass

Step 2: Preparing the Eggs

Take some small leafs and use water to stick them to the eggs. This will hold the leafs in place while you insert the eggs into the pantyhose. Be sure to strach the panthyhose as much as you can before you make a knot. This way the eggshell is better exposed to the colour.

Step 3: Prepare the Colour

Peel off some red onions. If you can't find red onions then the brown ones ar also ok. I used red because I wanted a more intense colour. You could also mix them. But be sure only to use the dryed out outer skins. There is no exact quantity that you need to use, the more the better.
 After you've peeled the onions, put the onion skins in watter and let them boil. The quantity of water should be enough to cover the eggs.

Step 4: Boil the Eggs

Gently insert the eggs into the boiling coloured water. Let them boil like ordinary eggs.

Step 5: Clean the Eggs

Remove the eggs from the pantyhose and clean them. You must do this before the eggs are cold because some leafs during the boiling process, dries out and stick to the eggs. They are easy to remove while the eggs are hot.

Step 6: Make Them Shine

Use some bacon fat to give the eggs a shiny look. After you've done this they will be a little greasy and shiny but don't worry, after they sit for a day the fat will be absorbed.

Step 7: The Finished Product

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