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Introduction: Vintage Pendant

This vintage looking pendant is made from polimer clay and a metal base.

I've got all my materials from my local hobby shop but you cand find this stuff also on the Internet, and you can order it home.

Step 1: 1. Materials

For this pendant I've used the following polimer clay colors:

-Cernit: Opaque white

-Cernit: Yellow

-Cernit: Black

-Cernit: X-mas red

-Fimo: Sahara

-Fimo: Leaf green

You will also need a metal base for your pendant

Step 2: 2. Mixing the Colors

For the base of the pendant, mix the White with Sahara with a rate of one to one.

For the roses, mix the red with black. You will need to obtain three different shades of red.

For the leafs and the swirls, mix the green with black and with yellow. As you can see in the image, I've obtained four different shades of green.

Step 3: 3. Filling the Metal Base

Take the mixture that resuted from mixing white with sahara, and make a thin sheet from it.

Press the metal base on the polimer clay to outline the form.

Cut the oval shape out and use it to fill the metal base.

Step 4: 4. Make the Roses

I've made three roses of different sizes. I will not explain in detail how to make a rose out of polimer clay. You cand find numerous tutorials on the internet that will teach you this.

From each color make three rolls of different diameters. From the roll with the largest diameter , cut three discs. From the middle one, cut two discs and from the smallest one, cut one disc. Theses will be used to form the leafs.

Start with the smallest disc and gradually ad the other discs util you obtain your rose.

Step 5: 5. Make Some Swirls and Add Some Leafs

In these pictures you can see how I've got to the end result.

Use the green colors and roll them untill you obtain a very thin cord.

Cut small pieces to make the leafs and longer pieces to make the swirls.

Use your imagination and create your own model.

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    7 years ago

    Did you bake it? I just got some of these frames and i thought they were mirrors so i put kitchen foil in then i looked at the other results and i thought i could do that but then i thought of how i would bake it so i googled it and yours is so pretty and cute and different than a face so i thought you would know whether to bake the whole thing or do you have to take the clay thing out and glue it in after?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I baked the whole thing together.

    I've made lots of models this way, using a metal base and polimer clay, and I didn't encountered any problems.

    I have a blog where you can see some other models: .It's not in english but you don't need translation for pictures. :P

    If you make something, send me a link.


    8 years ago

    Great job! I'll have to do this