Introduction: Bioluminescent Earrings

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I wanted to make a pair of earrings that were organic and

luminescent. I made these with the deep sea and the bioluminescent of is denizens in mind.

These are made from cut shells make to glow green with epoxy resin and glow in the dark powder. This process could be used with any rigid form that you want to make into earrings or necklaces.

This is a fairly easy project, but you need to take care with certain steps to ensure success.

Step 1: ​Materials:

Cut Sea Shells (bought at a local craft store pre-drilled as well)

Two-part epoxy resin (I used easy cast, again from the craft store)

Glow in the dark powder( Glow Worm from Amazon

Painter tape

Head pins

French ear wires

Wooden stir sticks

Plastic cups

Tools: Round nose plies

Side cutters

Flat nose pliers

Razor Knife

Step 2: ​1. Prep the Shells

Insert head pins into the holes, I prefer to use ones that has a loop as it gives more surface for the epoxy to grasp onto. Tape the shells with painters’ tape to create a pocket. Take care to tape around the hole where the head pin comes out as epoxy will squirt though here.

Step 3: ​2. Mixing the Powder and Resin

I put the glow in the dark powder approx. ½ tsp into a plastic cup. Add ½ oz of the resin and mix with the wooden stick. When completely mixed add ½ oz of the hardener. Mix thoroughly, once mixed this will start to harden so you need to work quickly.

Step 4: ​3. Add the Mix to the Interior of the Shells

Pour and use the mixing sticks to put the mix into the cavities of the shells.

The Plastic Box is just to support the shells, it's not necessary. You just want to make sure the resin mix doesn't run out.

Step 5: ​4. Let Dry

It typically takes 24 to 48 hours to totally cure. Make sure to take note in the instructions of the product you use.

Step 6: 5. Remove the Tape and Trim

Now that you resin has hardened remove the painter tape. There will be rough edges and over-pour around the hole in the top. Use a razor knife to clean these edges up.

Step 7: ​6. Make the Loop

Make the loop for attaching the ear wires- Use a pair of round nose pliers to create a loop by twisting it around on of the jaws. Then wrap the tail around the body of the head pin to close the loop.

Step 8: 7. Attach the Ear Wire

Attach Ear wire to loop- open the ear wire bottom loop, insert the earring loop and close.

The powder is activated by light. Charge it by placing under a florescent light or sunlight. The Glow Worm powder, in my experience, as one of the longer lasting and brighter powders on the market. This procedure can be used with other objects to create resin earring or pendants for necklaces. Also, it shows you how to treat the head pin to create a loop for other earring designs.

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