Blacklight Party!!!!




Introduction: Blacklight Party!!!!

Alright so here is a definite attention getter at any black light party or highlighter party. If you're in college now or will be soon, you'll want to have tons of different things to wear that are fluorescent and will glow in the black light at parties. This is a bit over the top and is for the rowdiest of parties!!

Step 1: Get a Hard Hat and Tape It Up

So first go out and find a hard hat. The color hard hat you get will be the base color that shows through so think about that when choosing one. I chose yellow, because I already had one and that's what color it was. Once you have the hard hat, take some electrical tape or other thin tape and wrap the hat in a way that you thing will look cool. I actually took a roll of electrical tape and sliced it in half with a razor blade to make the tape thinner, which i think looks better. I also put down a layer of bright green duct tape over that "V" on the top of the hat so I could make that a different color later too.

Step 2: PAINT!!

Next, it's time to paint!!! I'd definitely recommend going outside for this step but, what the hell, to each his own. I just used a regular white spray paint to start and then after it dried i took off the electrical tape and was left with something pretty cool!!! Then after the white was on, i removed the green duct tape from the "V" on the top of the hat too. I wrapped the entire hat in plastic wrap from the kitchen and carefully cut out the top V with an xacto knife. This left just that top raised part exposed to the air. I spraypainted the hat again with a gold paint and that made the top part a different color which looked awesome!! At this point, it was already looking pretty sweet, but i wanted more!!!

Step 3: Make It GLOW!

This step is actually a lot of fun! I went outside with the hard hat, some fluorescent blacklight paints, and one of those booger suckers haha I think they're actually called nasal aspirators, but what fun is that?? So i took one of the colorful paints and squeezed a bit in the end of the handy booger sucker and then aimed it at the hard hat. This is where it gets fun. Now you just squeeze as hard as you can and the paint rockets out and makes an awesome splatter paint effect!! (actually worked 48 times better than i though it would). Repeat this over and over again with different color paints until you think your new hat will make you the center of attention!! Once you let these dry, take the hat inside and test it out under a black light. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Now go out, and show that party who's BOSS!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    never thought of a boogie sucker as a paint spitter, I'll have to give that a try. Nice "ible" but the title is a little misleading, perhaps, Blacklight Party Hat, would be more fitting