Introduction: Bling Ring Throwie Thing

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When I saw the Instructables wearables contest, I knew I wanted something with LEDs. I thought about it awhile and thought a LED ring would be cool. The more I thought about it the more I wanted something different. It morphed into the Bling Ring Throwie Thing. A color changing LED throwie that can attach to a magnetic ring, and be detached to be used as a traditional throwie.

Step 1: The LED Throwie

The color changing LED throwie is made from LEDs, resistors, a battery, and a magnet.

Step 2: The Magnetic Ring

The ring is made with a ringpop base, a magnet, and some glue.

There are different sizes of rings, in the Instructable, but you want to make the small single magnet version, to match the magnet on the bottom of the LED throwie.

Step 3: Combined Together

Once you have made the two different Instructables, all you have to do is attach the magnet base of the throwie to the magnet top of the ring. If your ring repels your throwie, flip the magnet on the bottom of the throwie.

Step 4: Have Fun.

Wear the Bling Ring, make some to give as inexpensive gifts, or use the Bling Ring to always have a throwie "handy".

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