Introduction: Bling Ring From Recycled Creamer Tab

I love coffee, but not plain coffee; it must have Crème’ Brule’ creamer. This has turned to somewhat of an addiction apparently because the amount of materials left over from my creamer containers had become overwhelming. To assuage my guilt I looked for ways to reuse said materials and the first that I’ve found was quite an easy leap; the Bling Ring using the tabs that come from opening the inner portion of the creamer bottle.

(second photo)

I have since found them protecting the contents of many different items, but mine tend to come mostly from Coffee Mate © brand creamers. 

Here is a photo of my daughter modeling an assortment from rings I made one afternoon plus the one I made for this tutorial.

(third photo)

 Each took maybe 30 minutes including the time it took to decide what colors and gems to use (which is by far the timeliest step for me).  

I have given many to children for dress up play and have actually worn some that complemented different outfits or event themes.  When choosing your gems, rhinestones, buttons, bows, shells, or whatever your heart desires let your craft closet, your budget, and your imagination be your guide. 

So, let’s begin creating your treasure. Photo 1 is this completed project. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: To Begin Assemble the Basic Items You Will Need:

a)      Recycled creamer tab

b)      Glue gun and glue sticks

c)       Adornments for ring

Step 2: Next, Carefully Begin to Add the Adornments.

For this ring I chose green gems, green sequins, and a button made from ribbon. Apply the glue to each gem individually and place according to your design or desire. I added the gems first, then glued the sequins to fill in the white spaces, and finally added the ribbon button on top.

Step 3: Let the Glue Cool and Then Wear Your Lovely New Creation.

It really is that simple. You will have a one of a kind ring and will be saving the world through recycling one creamer tab at a time.

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